Tips and Tricks

Instructions for Use


Tips and Tricks


  • Turn the colored bottom of the mill, so as the “PUSH” buttons appear in front of the oval windows.
  • Push the buttons, while pulling the transparent body, to separate the two parts.
  • Remove the grater and unscrew the white disk.

All the parts of the FRESHMILL HerbZ are dishwasher-safe.


  1. Place the grater and its threaded axis at the base of the transparent body.
  2. Engage the colored bottom of the mill on these pieces, then push and turn until it clicks for lockage.
  3. Fill up your FRESHMILL HerbZ with fresh, washed and carefully drained herbs. Maximum load 40 g / 1.4 oz.
  4. Engage the white disk above the herbs and into the threaded axis, nut upside, then push to gently press the herbs.
  5. Tightly close the FRESHMILL HerbZ with its cap and lid and place it in the freezer (ca. 5 hours at -18°C / 0°F).
  6. FRESHMILL HerbZ easily minces the frozen herbs, just the desired quantity. For an optimal result, it is important that the herbs constantly remain deep frozen.
  7. After use, quickly replace the FRESHMILL HerbZ in the freezer. Do not re-freeze a thawn product.

Tips and Tricks

o     Aromatic herbs must be thoroughly frozen to make them easy to chop with the FRESHMILL HerbZ. Some of the juices and aromas they contain do not freeze at temperatures above -18°C. It is therefore important to keep the temperature at -18°C or less, or the herbs will be too limp and tend to block the holes in the grater. If this happens, turn up the refrigeration power of your freezer.

o     Similarly, if the FRESHMILL HerbZ has been left out of the freezer for too long (around 10 min, depending on the temperature in the kitchen), the herbs will have started to defrost and will be harder to chop.

o    Depending on how damp the herbs are and how tightly they are packed in the mill, they may stick to the sides of the transparent body during the freezing process. Sometimes, they cannot be unstuck simply by pushing the push disc, and the FRESHMILL HerbZ turns without dispensing any herbs. You then need to unstick them manually. This problem only occurs if the herbs are too damp and/or too tightly packed.

o     One way to unstick them manually is to unfasten the bottom of the FRESHMILL HerbZ and then press on the axis from above, to slide the herbs/mechanism group along in relation to the transparent body. Then clip the bottom of the mill back on. The FRESHMILL HerbZ is now fully functional.

o    Another way of unsticking them manually is to slide a semi-rigid tab (supplied in the packaging) between the push disc and the transparent body, to unstick the frozen herbs from the sides of the mill.

o     When assessing how tightly the herbs should be packed in the FRESHMILL HerbZ, bear in mind that 20 g of herbs should take up half of the total volume of the mill.

o    For effective chopping, make sure you fill both of the FRESHMILL HerbZ’s cylinders evenly. Otherwise, the push disc will be thrown out of alignment and is more likely to shift away from the screw thread.

o    When the herbs are too tightly packed in the FRESHMILL HerbZ, the grater holes can no longer dispense enough chopped herbs. The herbs build up more and more as you use the mill, eventually blocking it. To avoid losing everything, take the semi-cylinders of frozen herbs out and grind them vertically.


Feel free to contact us if you have any problem at all using the FRESHMILL HerbZ. We will get back to you as soon as possible!